Our ENT department prides itself on providing excellent diagnosis, evaluation and treatment of all types of Ears, Nose and Throat ailments and disorders.

Adeno – Tonsillectomy and nasal surgery by Diathermy and Coblation (RFT)
Cosmetic surgery of the nose (Rhino Plasty) and Sopto Plasty
Endoscopic sinus surgery
Management of allergic Rhinitis and Epistaxis and Fracture nose bone
Diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders and snoring by the help of sleep study, video endoscope and Coblation surgery
Provide hearing tests for children and adults and prescribing the necessary hearing aids
Fine ear surgery i.e. Tympano Plasty and treating vertigo.
Doing laryngoscope and treating neck masses.
Hearing tests for new born babies


Dr. Ramzi Al-Arrayed

Consultant ENT Head & Neck Surgeon
Specialist ENT Surgeon
Senior ENT , Head & Neck Surgeon
Consultant ENT Surgeon
Consultant ENT Surgeon