About Dr. Mahdi Hassan

Dr. Mahdi Hassan graduated from Basra University, Iraq and worked in Salmniya Medical Complex as chest and asthma diseases consultant for almost 36 years.Dr. Mahdi Hassan got his Diploma from American University of Beirut Medical Center (AUB), and worked there, and now is a fellow.Dr. Mahdi Hassan got a diploma in Health Care Management from Royal College of Surgeon, Ireland and is a member of the following societies: Medical Society of Bahrain, Amiri Academy of Medical Specialties in Bahrain and British Thoracic Society.Dr. Mahdi Hassan joined Ibn Al-Nafees Hospital in 2003.

Specialized in:

  • Screening for cough and shortness
  • Screening for fever and loss of weight
  • Screening for chest pain & chest burning

Procedure & Investigations:

  • Bronchoscope
  • Pulmonary function test
  • Sleep study for sleep apnea syndrome
  • ECG
  • Oxygen Saturation
  • Allergy Skin test
  • IGE level
  • IGE Rast test

Other Doctors

Consultant Family Physician , and Clinical Sexologist
Consultant Intensive Care Medicine
Consultant ENT Surgeon
Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon