About Dr. Ali Mirza Al-Qayem

Dr. Ali Mirza Al-Qayem has graduated from Arabian Gulf University and has over 22 years of experience in surgical practice. He has been trained in Bahrain, the United Kingdom and Japan and is a fellow member the Royal College of Surgeons, member of the Bahrain Licensure Committee, member of the Training Committee at the department of surgery, member of Ministry of Health’s Secondary Care Research Committee and outpatient improving committee at Salmaniya Medical Complex. Dr. Ali Mirza Al-Qayem is also an associate member of the Association of Coloproctology of United Kingdom and Ireland and Bahrain Cancer Society.

Dr. Ali Mirza Al-Qayem Consultant general, laparoscopic, bariatric and colon surgery Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons Member of the World Obesity Association Member of the Colon Surgery Association British and Irish straight

Specialized in:


  • Stapling stomach for obesity
  • Inguinal hernia and umbilical hernia surgery
  • Endoscopic treatment of gallstones
  • Treating thyroid and breast and colon tumors

Other services :

  • Early examination of colon and stomach cancer
  • Early screening for breast cancer
  • Diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the digestive system
  • Treating anal fistula problems and chronic
  • Constipation Hemorrhoids surgery with stapling and laser
  • Capillary and lower back surgery
  • Gastrointestinal endoscopy (stomach and colon)
  • Short stays of glands and minor wounds

Other Doctors

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Consultant ENT Surgeon
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