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Patient Rights

Patients’ care and wellbeing is at the heart of everything we do at Ibn Al-Nafees Hospital. Our expert teams of over 70 doctors and hundreds of nursing staff are ready to provide you with superior care, taking pride in becoming Bahrain’s preferred private healthcare provider.

Utmost care and integrity

Learn about your rights as a patient

Patients of Ibn Al-Nafees Hospital can expect to receive exceptional treatment by trained experts with a vested interest in maintaining the highest standards of care and integrity along every step of your medical care journey. As a patient of Ibn Al-Nafees Hospital, you have certain rights and responsibilities.

  • To have timely access to appropriate and high quality health care
  • To be informed of alternative care options if a service is not available at Ibn Al-Nafees Hospital
  • To assist you in obtaining a second opinion, if you choose to do so
  • To have access to an interpreter, if required
  • To have your privacy and dignity maintained at all times
  • To receive safe, considerate care that recognizes your personal values and respects your cultural, religious and ethical beliefs
  • To have information about you and your care kept completely confidential
  • Protecting patients from verbal abuse, or any other terms of abuse or neglect
  • To receive the best care and treatment we can offer
  • To be cared for in an environment that is safe, clean, and conducive to healing
  • To have a timely response to your pain, with the intention of making you as comfortable as possible
  • To be provided with clear information about your condition, treatment plan and treatment choices so as to allow you to make informed decisions for consent or refusal of treatment; such information should include complications, risks, benefits, and potential outcomes
  • To know who is in charge of your care and the identity of your caregivers
  • To understand what care you require after discharge and to have your contact details kept up-to-date
  • To receive information about Ibn Al-Nafees Hospita’sl policies, review and resolution of patients’ complaints and to be given information about how to lodge a complaint, without compromising your healthcare
  • To provide patient with complete medical report and accurate check-up results when and if requested
  • To receive information about the cost of treatment and services needed
  • The right to agree or refuse to participate in medical / nursing student training or medical research
  • Provide accurate and complete information regarding your illness, medical history and other matters relating to your health
  • Bring your current medications with you to each visit so that they may be reviewed by your health care provided, as required
  • Follow treatment instructions as advised and ask questions if you do not understand the information you have been given
  • Report any changes in your medical condition including problems with your current treatment
  • Make informed decisions about your care and treatment and to accept responsibility for the decisions you make
  • Abide by Ibn Al-Nafees Hospital’s policies regarding patient conduct including our no-smoking and visitor policies
  • Treat other patients, visitors and Ibn Al-Nafees Hospital staff with courtesy and respect
  • Pay any charges billed to you in a timely manner
  • Be on time for your appointment; or reschedule / cancel appointments in advance so that this valuable time will be given to another patient, when possible
  • When your doctor advises your discharge from the hospital, prepare yourself to leave in a timely manner
  • Staff are available to help you receive what you need to care for yourself at home

Ibn Al-Nafees Hospital encourages you to let us know how we may serve you better, where most of your concerns can be appropriately handled by talking with your doctor or caregivers about them, as well as the Patient Service Officer, who will be available to assist in this regard.

Smiling Doctor

Mission and Vision

The vision that Ibn Al-Nafees Hospital is looking for is to be the hospital of your choice Bahrain.

Smiling Doctor

CEO Message

On behalf of Ibn Al-Nafees Hospital and staff, I warmly welcome you to the hospital.

A stethoscope


Ibn Al-Nafees has excellent, comfortable facilities for inpatient treatment with a mix of ward, single rooms or suites.

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