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On behalf of Ibn Al-Nafees Hospital and staff, we warmly welcome you to the hospital.

Welcome to Ibn Al-Nafees Hospital

We are committed to your care

Ibn Al Nafees Hospital has become one of the pioneering private healthcare institution in the Kingdom of Bahrain, owing to nearly twenty years of providing quality healthcare and winning the confidence of patients. Accredited by the National Health Regulatory Authority (NAHRA), INH’s mission has remained focused for nearly two decades on improving our community’s health and quality of life, as well as care for our patients in extraordinary ways. This resulted in making our hospital one of recommended hospital’s in the Kingdom of Bahrain. INH was established by a group of eminent Bahraini consultants, who have long years of experience at the Salmaniya Medical Complex and Bahrain Defence forces Hospital. Today, the legacy continues as our doctors are carefully chosen from the community due to their clinical excellence in their respected fields. Our nurses are also highly trained and served the community for many years. We are proud to say that we are always ready to receive high risk patients and offer safe and companionate care to all our patients. Providing the highest level of care with affordable prices using the latest equipment and technologies is our top priority, to ensure delivering a tender loving care to all our esteemed patients.

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Mission and Vision

The vision that Ibn Al-Nafees Hospital is looking for is to be the hospital of your choice Bahrain.

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Patient Rights

We value our patients and adhere to an ethical standard of services.

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Ibn Al-Nafees has excellent, comfortable facilities for inpatient treatment with a mix of ward, single rooms or suites.

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