CEO Message

On behalf of Ibn Al-Nafees Hospital and staff, we warmly welcome you to the hospital.

Welcome to Ibn Al-Nafees Hospital

We are committed to your care

James van Vught

Ibn Al-Nafees Hospital has enjoyed the status of one of the first private hospitals in Bahrain.

INH was started by a group of Bahraini doctors who gained extensive experience while serving the community in Salmaniya Medical Complex.

It has grown from a poly-clinic, driven by the demand for quicker access to healthcare, to a fully fledged hospital. Having now reached capacity, the decision has been taken to expand capacity to another location.

Our passion has to recruit and retain highly qualified and experienced Bahraini doctors, to serve the local Bahraini population.

Our promise is to provide quality care, to put the patient first and to treat every patient as though they are a family member. This means that we undertake to provide your treatment with care and respect.

I wish to express our gratitude to our patients for their loyalty over the years. Whilst we may aim to provide quality care, it is ultimately your continued support that defines our success and our ongoing future.

Warm regards,

James van Vught

Smiling Doctor

Mission and Vision

The vision that Ibn Al-Nafees Hospital is looking for is to be the hospital of your choice Bahrain.

Smiling Doctor

Patient Rights

We value our patients and adhere to an ethical standard of services.

A stethoscope


Ibn Al-Nafees has excellent, comfortable facilities for inpatient treatment with a mix of ward, single rooms or suites.

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